Tomorrow Starts Today!

Photo by Lachlan Ross on

Driving down to the Physical Therapy clinic in Wicker Park at sunrise, I always loved seeing my favorite billboard that said, “Tomorrow Starts Today.”

I love that sentiment, don’t you? Want a healthier tomorrow? Start TODAY!

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring your tomorrows, I know. Everybody’s got a unique outlook for making the future great. But, we all need similar ingredients too: great exercise, sound sleep, and good nutrition.

I encourage you to keep building those elements. When I hiked 18 miles in one day at the Rockies last year, my training started way before the gates of Estes Park. I started conditioning myself a lot earlier when my cousin and I set out to hike all the dunes of the Midwest. I was craving more adventure in my life, and boy did I find it.

Originally, I was set for a primo vacation with relatives staying at the exclusive Stanley Hotel in the foothills of Estes Park. Instead, I landed at the YMCA of the Rockies, which served breakfast in a cafeteria and had a trailhead opening to one of the world’s most amazing national parks.

Way different than my first plans, and still totally exceeding my expectations. 

 Take some time to think about your climb, and condition yourself for the adventure ahead. Getting ready for your great tomorrow, remember, starts TODAY!


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