Best Self Practice

Becoming Your Best Self

Best self practices are receiving lots of attention these days. The idea is we intuitively know what our highest self would do and when we act from that place it becomes natural and grows into a habit. We get to climb to higher levels of performance and energy.

We can tune into our higher self using meditation, yoga, and Pilates. There’s also tools like accountability buddies, life coaches, and high performance journals to keep you on track.

Recently, my cousin in Florida and I put this to the test for about eight months. Every morning, we’d volley texts back and forth. Starting off, “My best self,” we’d recognize obstacles and map the solutions.

There’s no judgment, just a few lines kickstarting the day, your to-do list like a steamed espresso clarifying the main points.

After a while you internalize practice. You begin to trust your ways of inner knowing. Best self is always there, all it takes to finetune is practice.


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