You’re Never Alone

Walking uptown to pick up Sushi on Saturday night, you could feel the easing in the air. There was music and laughing, a lightheartedness vibrating through the air that wasn’t there before.
The easing of restrictions is great news. It’s time to take a breath. 
It’s also time to let go of some stress. 
We know with stress there’s often the push to get through, and then the letdown once it’s over and time to process all that’s happened.
It’s good to take a step back and recognize what got you through COVID. Perhaps there were intersecting arcs and angels that carried you. Perhaps it’s good to see, even in isolation, you were never alone. Help can take many forms.
I’ve much to be grateful for moving out of the pandemic, blessings of health for family and friends, for sure. And the blessings of work that kept me busy through the long months of shadowy fears and scary statistics.
We really can and do hold each other up, says yoga teacher Elisa Brower. We support each other in ways we might not see – right away.
I grew to love these weekly post-it notes, thanking me for class but also reassuring me I wasn’t alone and to keep going.
What got you through?

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