Life is interesting, isn’t it? There I was driving away from Walmart and pulling onto 83, and KABLAM.
You might recognize the vehicle: souped up pick-up, music blasting so loud everyone within a 5-mile radius covers their ears. They blasted me right into the car ahead.
The great news: we are all fine. The not so great: my car isn’t.
Try as hard as we might, life’s trajectory isn’t always smooth. I learned this first hand working in a PT clinic. Clients would progress, then seemingly out of nowhere hit a bump in their recovery. 
The Physical Therapists would explain, “This happens all the time, it’s normal. Let’s figure out what happened.” Fix the glitch, and onward they’d go.
I’m grateful I’m fine. Grateful I can deal with the deductible. Grateful it’ll come back to me at a later date. 
Yesterday, I had a great workout, got another great one planned for tomorrow. Today, I’m dealing with insurance paperwork, police reports, and auto estimates. 
Taking the high road and I’m hoping you do, too. We’ll keep course-correcting and moving forward in this amazing race of life.

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