Life is stressful.  Add in Instagram, Facebook and never-ending email and it’s even more stressful.  That’s why it’s easy to understand why so many people are flocking to yoga studios.   These days, we’re all looking for a breather, a break, a chance to drop back and unwind.

What’s the first thing most of do every morning?  We don’t reach for our loved one, we don’t reach for a glass of water, no, we reach for our phone.  And when phone lights up, we’re off and running.  Well before recharging with breakfast, we’re working hard at catching up.

Catching up is hard to do when technology drives faster than a Ferrari.  While visiting my son in San Francisco recently, and having dinner with him and his roommates, every lull in the conversation was filled by our phones.  In spite of captivating conversation, great wine and sumptuous food, those colorful tiles of innovation kept interrupting our meal.

Yoga lets us put down the cell and breathe. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But breathing, rich diaphramatic breathing offers some serious benefits. It helps reset your nervous system, manage stress better, and changes your perspective about the busy day ahead.

And yes, there’s more, there’s lots more to yoga than expanding your breathing capacity.  Yoga focuses on mindful movement and being present.  What could be more essential than that when we’re often so busy hyperventilating while multi-tasking to notice what’s going on around us?

The deep healing and stretching off the yoga asanas help you wash the stress and tension from your body and mind.  You feel different after yoga.  You can come to the mat after a day of being tethered to your cube farm and be freed to roam entirely new states of consciousness.

But don’t just take my word for it, try it.   And you can forget all that stuff about having to be flexible before you step your toe on the mat.  That’s silly.  It’s like expecting to join the pro golf tour before you’ve ever picked up a club.  There’s no club in yoga, everyone is welcome, at every level of experience.

Join us any time.  We have all the props and provision you need as you embark on your yoga experience.  And in the meantime, be sure and look around the site.  You’ll find some blog posts to fill you in on more of the benefits of yoga and Pilates, nutrition and health.  And if you have any questions, give me a call or shoot me an email.  Happy to help!


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