Know Your Why

Simon Sinek’s business book Why? was published a few years ago, and became an overnight sensation. In this quick read, Sinek details the importance of knowing your “why,” essentially your purpose when it comes to your career.
The same holds true when it comes to exercise. When we know WHY we are exercising it increases our drive, and we can get more benefits from our workouts. 
Now is a perfect time to uncover your WHY and reflect on what you want to gain from an exercise program. 
Just like your career, your fitness needs purpose to fuel improvement. 
Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? What are the steps required to get there? Whether it’s jumping into your skinny jeans, running a half marathon, or taking a trip to Paris, knowing your WHY makes things happen and gets you on the right path to achieve your fitness goals.

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