It’s back to school time and I admit, I’m just as excited as the kids.

Back-to-school time is always a time for new beginnings, no matter what our age. It’s like New Year’s Eve as we plan just how we want to get  back up to speed.  September gives us the chance to take the do-over and do it even better.

So what’s on the top of that to-do list? Functional fitness, a.k.a. Pilates, I hope. Pilates is mind-body exercise that fine tunes your body mechanics so whether you’re sitting, running, or simply running errands,  everything runs a bit smoother.

Experience is always our best teacher, so come to class and see what I mean. We’ll connect you back to center and you’ll feel stronger than ever. Classes are just starting so take you back-to-school time to the next level and take Pilates.



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