Don’t Forget Your Feet

It’s easy to overlook the  feet. After all, they take us miles and miles, often without a moment’s hesitation. We jam ’em into Uggs, flimsy flip flops, spikey heels, and expect they’ll continue to cooperate for all the miles ahead.

That is, until they won’t budge. They hurt, they ache, our feet scream out in agony. And then it’s time to put the brakes on and start to take care of our precious tootsies.

When you consider that the average person walks the equivalent of four and a half times around the earth, or …. miles, it’s good take a minute to care for your feet. Massage some lotion into those tired dogs, draw your fingers through your toes to get a nice stretch, and now that’s the weather’s getting warmer walk around barefoot as much as you can.

In yoga and Pilates we learn to take good care of our feet and feed them good stretches every time we come to the mat. This not only keeps many painful foot problems away, it gives you lots of endurance for the miles ahead. Be good to your feet and they’ll be happy to take you places.


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