Remember to Breathe


Right in the middle of his yoga demo, Nate said, “Remember to breathe.” What a perfect holiday mantra, I thought to myself, “remember to breathe.”  Just like this revolved lunge, during this holiday season we might find ourselves trying to keep our feet on the ground while stretching in several different directions.

“Remember to breathe,” connects you back to center and opens the present. That’s why we train ourselves with yoga. Working through challenging moves on the mat sharpens our skills to mindfully work through holiday excesses,  whether it’s finals, family, or all those festivities.

It’s good to be reminded to breathe and extend your practice. Your practice travels everywhere, so you can still practice even when you can’t make class.  “Remember to breathe,” at the stoplight downtown, waiting in line at the Apple store, rushing to get dinner on the table.  In the holiday rush some days it’s three sun salutes, other days a full-on core workout, all you have to do is “remember to breathe.”



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