Exercise Feels Good

Still digesting all the great food for thought at Benjamin Degenhardt’s recent workshop at the Pilates Room a couple of weeks ago. Benjamin D. talked about the importance of a healthy movement diet and how Pilates fills all our needs. The original 34 exercises  Joseph Pilates designed are meant for every body as a way to wake up our movement potential. 

Like a healthy diet or a cleanse, Pilates trains us to feel good in our bodies and gets rid of the sludge. It’s really all about you and your inner development. Sure, you can take it to crazy, but you can also use Pilates to come back after knee or hip surgery, or simply as a way to get back to exercise.

Exercise feels good, and we can use PIlates to feel even better. I teach a mat class on Thursday’s at 8:15 a.m. for $15 and there’s a couple of mats open tomorrow. Come join the fun and find out what full body movement is all about. Text me at 312.446.8994 if you want in.


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