Keep Going…


Sometimes it’s easy to quit. It’s too cold, a holiday, and there might still be some dark chocolate hanging around. Besides, yesterday in the freezing cold you walked the dog – twice.

That’s when a great class or personal session can make a huge difference. It stops the treadmill of excuses running in your head and jumpstarts your motivation. We are all capable of doing more than we’re doing. It’s just we’re not always capable of doing it on our own.

Like these members of the basketball team tuning into Warrior pose before a big game, see how yoga and Pilates help you stay strong and centered. So even when your resolutions start fading (notice I didn’t say failing), keep going. Forget your setbacks and get back on track. 

Keep tuning into your goals for 2016. Skip the chocolate and choose to keep going, keep reaching, and keep fine tuning. There are 347 days till 2017 and each one gives you a chance to step forward. You CAN get to where you want to go. You just have to keep going…


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