Detox Time!


It’s only natural, isn’t it? That feeling we get as summer changes to fall.  Though autumn arrived later this year, we still feel the pull to wear a sweater, the tug for some new boots, and a deep hunger for warm soup.  These seasonal transitions we’re sensing are the best time to undergo a cleanse, to clean out the pipes, so to speak, and get ready for the chilly temps ahead.

Sometimes, like when Halloween is dressed up as a national holiday, we pour in liberal amounts of food and drink that tastes great, but is nutritionally lacking. That’s why it’s good to tighten our belts and heed the body’s call for healthier fare.  

While a 30-day cleanse is optimum to fully clear the system, many of us can’t exactly fly to Miraval spa. That’s when it’s good to remember, when it comes to cleansing, even small doses can make a big difference in your system.

Switching to cranberry juice instead of wine, making that favorite soup, and drinking a Detox tea, are all steps you can take to let your system recalibrate. And one of the best things you can add in some deep breathing.  Taking a few deep diaphramatic breathes helps rev the system and clear the mind. These simple steps reset your digestive system and will keep you humming along through the holidays.

Keeping it simple and heeding your internal needs is recipe that does every body good.  


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