Bliss Bar


Summer is such a perfect time to deepen your practice.  Longer days, relaxed schedules and the bonus of vacation time all help you see just where you wish to grow.  Along with all the fun, you can collect your “scrapbook” of memories to savor back on the mat.

Floating on the second sand bar in Lake Michigan, stepping into the forest of silence in Muir Woods, riding  fast-as-you can down a San Francisco hill, all can wash back over you when you sit.   Our minds can access all flavors of energetic connections and remind us how blissfully good it is to be alive.

So what’s your favorite shot of summer fun?  Sit still, let all your negatives peel away, and step inside.  Follow the path to your moment of sweet summer bliss and let yourself drink it in all over again.  The bliss bar is right here, open 24/7, and serving bottomless drinks of sweet memories all the time.


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