Buckets O’ Fun!

I have a friend who’s over the top about writing bucket lists.   As she explains, “We get so caught up in doing all the things we have to do, we forget all about the things we want to do.”

I’ve watched my friend run Boston, finish the Chicago Tri and start launching her next career while retiring from the first, using the energy she pulls from her bucket list.   She’s always ready to extend her reach and dig into her life’s possibilities.

Summer is the perfect time to craft your own bucket list. With the Fourth just round the corner, it’s high time to start thinking about all those things you want to get out and do with this bright window of time.

One, two, three, jot down ten things you want to experience before the flags fly on Labor Day.  Concerts at Millennium Park, one of our great City Fests, or maybe even a day trip to the Indiana Dunes?  Write down whatever sparks your sense of summer fun.

And then like the classic Nike ad says, “Just Do It.” The energy you tap into as you move outside your comfort zone reminds you that your life is potentially so much larger than your responsibilities. But you gotta step out, step up and just like my friend, keep seeking those new finish lines.

Summer’s short, so keep your bucket list front and center, tape it where you’ll see it everyday.  There’s no doubt the daily laps can zap so much of our energies. Summer’s the time to map out sweet dreams and then find yourself reaching to make them all come true.

Happy Summering!


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