Favorite Yoga Pose


When it comes to yoga, everybody’s got a favorite pose. Some people love Happy Baby, others Half Moon.   Half Pigeon and Warrior pose have lots of fans, too. All kinds of poses to inspire all types of energetic possibility.

What’s your favorite? Mine is Corpse pose.

Yes, Corpse is dead-on, my favorite yoga pose. I’ve been practicing yoga since my first driver’s license, and Corpse remains my fav asana. Only I prefer to call it by its Sanskrit name, Shavasana.

Shavasana is the deep relaxation that concludes every class. Following the ebb and flow of the breath, we flow our awareness inside and loosen the deep coils of tension harboring within. We give ourselves permission to float freely into wider pools of consciousness.

Shavasana can take the most tired, whiplashed body, and bring you back to the open field of being grounded.

When we rest, we remember, we think, we see clearly. Learning to consciously relax into deeper connectivity helps us on many levels. When we remember the true purpose of yoga is to prepare the body for meditation, we find ourselves home inside the body-mind complex.

That’s why you should never miss a chance to do Corpse pose, it’ll bring your yoga practice to life.


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