Stress Buckets

Meeting with an integrative health coach recently, she taught me about “stress buckets” and why it’s important to recognize when they’re full.
“When it comes to stress, we all have different thresholds,” she explained, “think of it as a bucket. It’s important to know your tolerance level and when your stress is over the top.”
We’ve all had lots of stress lately dealing with the ramifications of COVID. Those consequences are well known: spikes in cortisol, blood pressure, restless sleep, etc. The challenge is recognizing it and doing something about it before it becomes a habit and keeps depleting your energies. 
Awareness is key. 
The flight or fight reaction that stress kickstarts can be interrupted and it’s often by learning to do nothing.
Yes, do nothing. Sit still. And breathe. Long fluid inhalation flowing into long fluid exhalations. Do this for one minute.
Hitting the pause button  slows things down and helps you re-set. Then keep recognizing those pivotal moments and give yourself permission to re-route your stress response. Over time, you’ll notice a big difference. 

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