Food Matters


There we were, noshing at the front lines of Chef Fest when one of my fellow committee members asked, “Really, what does it matter? My kids eat healthy, but clearly the damage is done. There’s really no point in trying to eat organic. We’re in our 50’s, after all, so what could it matter?”

Isn’t it funny how whenever you’re in the midst of a culinary extravaganza of epic proportions someone always brings up a healthy diet?  Thirty-five chef’s serving up their best eats and you’re enjoying a sweet night out with friends and the question of what’s best to eat gets served up.

But, food matters –  food matters a lot.

The maxim, “you are what you eat,” has more than a grain of truth to it. Your body is an amazing machine, after all, and food becomes fuel to run, repair, and restore all your cellular systems. Whether you’re five or 51, you want to feed your body the highest grade ingredients. It’s a simple recipe: eat clean, eat greeen, and eat lean.

So after a fun night out, it’s time to return to eating right. You know you feel better when you follow the directions and discover the proof is in the pudding. Because when it comes to what you eat, food matters.


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